Case Study: Sustainable Solutions for Supamart

Supamart, Sydney's newest and most exciting supermarket brand, has always been committed to community values and environmental sustainability. As a family-owned business and a proud supporter of the IGA Community Chest, Supamart stands for independence and innovation.

In line with their commitment to the environment, Supamart partnered with Emtech to introduce compostable produce, checkout, and paper bags across their stores. This case study explores the collaboration, the solutions provided, and the positive impact on both the community and the environment.

The Challenge

The Solution

Emtech has partnered with Supamart to introduce a sustainable solution to everyday shopping. We provided Supamart with a range of compostable bags that align with both convenience and environmental responsibility. Our Compostable Produce Bags are designed to keep produce fresh while being 100% compostable, ensuring that quality doesn't compromise eco-friendliness. The Compostable Checkout Bags are strong and durable, offering the convenience of traditional plastic bags without the environmental harm. Additionally, our Compostable Paper Bags, perfect for bakery items and other goods, are made from recycled materials and are fully compostable. Together, Emtech and Supamart are taking significant steps towards a greener future.

The Impact


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