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Enviro Hide by EmTech is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material that has received recognition and certifications from prestigious organisations. It has obtained the Global GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certification, which confirms its significant contribution in reducing waste, water, and chemical usage. Enviro Hide is a game-changing material that provides a viable alternative to leather. It is fully circular and made from recycled leather products, making it an eco-friendly option that eliminates the linear economy and reduces landfill waste. Additionally, it has been awarded the Good Design Gold Award for exceptional design, innovation, and sustainability, further highlighting its potential to make a significant impact. With these prestigious certifications and awards, Enviro Hide by EmTech stands out as a sustainable and game-changing alternative to traditional leather products.

Steve Layton shares insights on sustainable innovation and building a better future: A Global Greentag interview

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Enviro Hide© by EmTech is a game-changing material that is a real alternative to leather. Enviro Hide© is a fully circular product that is made from recycled leather products. It eliminates the linear economy where more and more products end up in landfills and are harmful to the environment.

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The Environmental Issue

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The Linear Economy Must be Eliminated

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Transition to a Sustainable Circular Economy

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Enviro Hide by EmTech

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Enviro Hide by EmTech