Unleashing the Potential of Enviro Hide: A Game-Changing Alternative to Traditional Leather for Manufacturers

In today's environmentally-conscious manufacturing sector, the quest for sustainable, high-performance materials is more critical than ever. Forward-thinking manufacturers understand the importance of reducing environmental footprints while producing goods that meet high standards of quality and performance. And one such game-changing material that has emerged as a viable answer is Enviro Hide by EmTech.

Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

Enviro Hide, a product that stands at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, has received significant recognition for its environmental credentials. It has earned the prestigious Global GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certification, confirming its substantial contribution to reducing waste, water, and chemical usage. This accolade underlines Enviro Hide's commitment to sustainability and its potential to revolutionise industries that rely heavily on traditional leather.

Unlike the production of conventional leather, which often results in substantial environmental impact due to heavy water usage and chemical run-offs, Enviro Hide uses 90% less water in its production process, positioning it as a decidedly eco-friendly alternative. In addition to these impressive environmental benefits, Enviro Hide has also been awarded the Good Design Gold Award, further highlighting its exceptional design, innovation, and sustainability. This award recognises Enviro Hide as a game-changing material that has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the manufacturing industry, while still delivering on design and quality​.

The Manufacturing Advantage

For manufacturers, the advantages of Enviro Hide extend beyond its environmental credentials. It is a fully circular material, made from recycled leather products and offcuts. This means that not only does it help reduce landfill waste, but it also offers a new lease on life for discarded leather products. Additionally, the material is 20% stronger than split leather, ensuring durability in its applications. It is also 70% of the weight of an equivalent size of split leather, offering a lightweight yet robust alternative for manufacturers.

Enviro Hide's versatility is another of its standout features. It can be used across a multitude of industries, from automotive and aviation seat manufacturing to residential and commercial interior design. Its production process eliminates harmful waste and the need for toxic chemicals, making it not only a sustainable choice but also a safer one. More importantly, as a fully recycled material, Enviro Hide can be reused repeatedly, further enhancing its appeal to eco-conscious manufacturers​.

A Future-Proof Material

The shift towards more sustainable practices is not just a trend; it's a necessity for the future of our planet. As manufacturers, choosing materials that align with this shift is a step towards a more sustainable future. With Enviro Hide, you're not just choosing an eco-friendly material; you're choosing a material that is innovative, versatile, and future-proof. Embrace the future of sustainable manufacturing with Enviro Hide.