Enviro Hide vs Traditional Leather: A Sustainable Future

In the world of sustainable materials, one name stands out from the crowd: Enviro Hide by EmTech. This game-changing material is redefining the concept of leather, offering an eco-friendly alternative that not only matches but surpasses traditional leather in several key areas.

What is Enviro Hide?

After two years of diligent research and rigorous testing, EmTech unveiled Enviro Hide, a fully circular material made from recycled leather products​. A recipient of the Global GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certification and the Good Design Gold Award, Enviro Hide has earned recognition for its innovative design, sustainability, and significant contributions to reducing waste, water, and chemical usage​​.

How Does Enviro Hide Compare to Traditional Leather?

When it comes to the look, feel, and performance, Enviro Hide rivals genuine leather. The material is durable, lightweight, low maintenance, and long-lasting. It can be made in any length, any colour, and, unlike genuine leather, does not require cleaning with a detergent-based cleaner. Most notably, it is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and circular​​.

Water Consumption

Traditional leather production has a significant impact on local waterways. The production process often results in untreated 'runoff' or wastewater flowing into streams and rivers, affecting local flora and fauna. In contrast, Enviro Hide uses 90% less water in the production process, significantly reducing its environmental impact​.

Strength and Weight

Enviro Hide also outperforms traditional leather in strength and weight. It is 20% stronger than split leather and weighs 70% less for an equivalent size, making it ideal for a range of applications, including automotive and aviation seats, residential and commercial interior design projects, and more​​.

Reusability and Waste Reduction

In a world increasingly focused on circular economy principles, Enviro Hide shines. This material not only reduces landfill waste by being made from recycled leather products but is also fully recyclable itself. Every bit of Enviro Hide can be used again, eliminating wastage in the manufacturing of consumer products​​.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Leather Production

Despite its ubiquity and appeal, traditional leather production comes with a significant environmental cost. The process is notoriously water-intensive and often results in harmful waste and toxic chemicals being released into the environment. Furthermore, genuine leather is not fully recyclable, contributing to landfill waste when it reaches the end of its life cycle.


In conclusion, Enviro Hide by EmTech presents a viable, sustainable, and superior alternative to traditional leather. As we move towards a future where sustainability is not just a luxury but a necessity, the adoption of materials like Enviro Hide is a step in the right direction.