A Sustainable Partnership: Woods Furniture and EmTech's Enviro Hide


Woods Furniture, a renowned provider of quality educational furniture, has always been committed to environmental sustainability. In line with this commitment, they have recently partnered with Environmental Material Technology (EmTech) to incorporate our innovative product, Enviro Hide, into their range of furniture. This blog post delves into the details of this exciting collaboration.

The Partnership

Woods Furniture and EmTech share a common vision - to create products that are not only high-quality and functional but also environmentally friendly. This shared vision led to the formation of a partnership that aims to revolutionise the furniture industry. EmTech's Enviro Hide, a sustainable alternative to traditional leather, is now being used in Woods Furniture's range of educational furniture.

Enviro Hide: A Game Changer

Enviro Hide is a ground-breaking material that offers a real alternative to leather. Made from recycled leather products, it is a fully circular product that eliminates the linear economy where products end up in landfills, causing harm to the environment. In practical terms, Enviro Hide looks, feels, and performs like genuine leather. It is durable, lightweight, soft to the touch, low maintenance, and long-lasting. More importantly, it is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and circular.

A Win for Sustainability

The partnership between Woods Furniture and EmTech is a significant step towards a more sustainable future. By choosing Enviro Hide for their furniture, Woods Furniture is not only offering their customers a high-quality product but also contributing to environmental conservation. This collaboration underscores the importance of sustainable practices in the industry and sets a precedent for other companies to follow.


The Woods Furniture and EmTech partnership is a testament to what can be achieved when businesses commit to sustainability. Through the use of Enviro Hide, Woods Furniture is leading the way in sustainable furniture production, proving that it is possible to create products that are both high-quality and environmentally friendly.